Hair Experts on Authentic Hand-Made Virgin Hair Extensions

Hair Experts on Authentic Hand-Made Virgin Hair Extensions

Handmade hair extensions

The widespread influence of virgin handmade hair extensions has been extraordinarily impactful within the hair industry. The sheer difference in the quality of these authentic hair extensions, particularly the now widespread virgin Russian hair extensions, has been particularly noticeable. Here at LDL International in Melbourne, our team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals have been providing hair extensions for over 25 years now. In this article, we explain how and why these extensions have shaken up the hair industry. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about this article, or if you’re ready to book your complimentary consultation with us!

Longevity and Durability

Virgin handmade hair extensions last longer and are sturdier than other regular hair extension options. Unlike regular factory hair, which only looks good for the first couple of washes because of its silicone treatments, virgin hair extensions are untreated by harmful chemicals and keep their luscious properties for longer. Remy hair extensions and virgin Russian hair extensions are even more robust, given the exceptional quality of the hair.

Customisable Options

Handmade hair extensions also have the benefit of being extremely customisable, especially when compared to preset, factory-made extensions. By crafting these extensions by hand, professional hairdressers and stylists can adjust for any specific requirements needed, from colour to thickness and length. Your custom extensions are designed to look fantastic and remain seamless with your current hair or other extensions.

Beautiful and Versatile

Virgin authentic hair extensions are noticeably shinier, thicker and more luscious than factory-made hair. In particular, virgin Russian hair extensions are glossier and stronger, because of the finer hair and the traditional nutrient-rich, but low salt and fat Russian diet. Moreover, Russian hair extensions are easier to match in colour, given the wide range of hair colours that come naturally from Russian hair donors.

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