Virgin Russian Hair Extensions

At LDL International, it is our goal to work with every woman to ensure she looks and feels confident every single day with our virgin russian hair extensions. We take pride in our customer service, where we combine the personal and the professional to ensure each client gets the result they want and deserve. This is what makes us one of the leading extension specialists in Melbourne, a reputation we are committed to upholding with every weft we make.



Stylish, sexy and totally safe for your natural hair, LDL International virgin russian hair extensions provide clients in Melbourne (and Australia wide) with the finest quality locks that last for years. Sourced from ethical providers, our Virgin Russian Hair Extensions are beautifully silky, healthy and come in a wide range of natural colours, lengths and styles. Every strand of hair we use was grown naturally with no chemical processes involved, meaning you can always count on getting the very best quality hair extensions when you come to us.



Cut from the donors’ head and sent directly to our Melbourne salon, our handmade wefts won’t shed or matte. Better still, when properly maintained, our locks will last you a minimum of 3 years. That’s our guarantee to each and every client who walks through our door – you’ll always get the A-list treatment with LDL.

Premium Russian virgin hair extensions

Here at LDL, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality virgin russian hair extensions in Melbourne. Ethically sourced and highly sought after, when you choose our virgin russian hair extensions, we guarantee each strand of hair is naturally grown and untreated.

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Why choose Russian hair extensions?

It’s no secret that Russian hair extensions are known to be some of the best in the world, and there’s a whole range of reasons why. Firstly, they have a similar texture to Western hair and these finer strands are not only more manageable but can be blended seamlessly. Russian hair extensions are also easier to colour match as they come in a range of different colours from blondes, brunettes and deep, vibrant reds. This means you won’t need to resort to colouring or chemically treating the extensions which can damage and decrease the longevity of your exquisite ponytail. Another factor is that a traditional Russian diet is nutrient-rich and low in both salt and fat, resulting in hair that is glossy, silky soft and strong. Noticeably robust and less prone to breakage, Russian hair extensions are also ultra lightweight, easy on the scalp and will move just like natural hair.

Ethically sourced 

Unlike other salons, we work directly with our collectors to source and select the hair ourselves. Cut straight from the donor’s head, bundled and sent to our Melbourne salon, our premium Russian virgin hair extensions do not come pre-made. Collecting the hair in its authentic ponytail means the hair follicles are kept facing in one direction, resulting in beautiful, tangle-free hair that won’t matte or shed over time. A worthwhile investment, the superior quality of our Russian virgin hair extensions means you will be able to make the most out of your hair, as with proper maintenance they will last for years to come.  

Feel the difference with LDL

With over 25 years experience, when it comes to achieving the highest quality virgin Russian hair extensions in Melbourne, there’s a reason we’re number one. Our expert technicians will custom fit your hair to hand-make a flawless, voluminous and long lasting look in just four to nine hours. Stylish, sexy and totally safe, simply get in touch to book a consultation today and get the luxurious, thick hair you have always dreamt of.