Are you wearing real Virgin Russian Hair Extensions?

Are you wearing real Virgin Russian Hair Extensions?

Are you wearing authentic Russian hair extensions? At LDL International, we prefer to let our work speak for itself. We believe in the quality of our services and don't often focus on the practices of other salons. However, in an industry where many clients are misled into buying subpar permanent hair extensions under the guise of premium products, it's crucial to shed light on this issue.
It's a scenario we encounter all too often: clients come to us believing they're wearing Russian virgin human hair extensions, only to discover issues like matting, tangling, colour loss, visible wefts, and more. It takes us just one glance to understand that they didn't receive what they thought they paid for. At LDL International, we are deeply passionate about our craft, committed to delivering top-tier quality, and nothing frustrates us more than seeing clients who are genuinely dissatisfied with their hair – and with good reason.

The Quest for Authentic Russian Hair Extensions

So, how can you determine whether your Russian hair extensions are genuinely what they claim to be? Let's illustrate this with a story of a typical customer.
Regrettably, many customers who come to us haven't been sold the Russian extensions they anticipated. It's crucial to understand that Russian hair has, unfortunately, been loosely adapted to mislead people into believing they're purchasing the best of the best. The reality is, it can be challenging to ascertain whether you're receiving this highly sought-after option because many factories base themselves in Russia but source their hair from other parts of the world, such as China or India.
Choosing Russian or, more broadly, Caucasian hair is essential for two reasons: firstly, this hair is fine in texture, making it ideal for long-term wear; and secondly, Caucasian hair comes in a myriad of colours and styles. It's important to note that this is not about race; it simply means that you can find the perfect hair for your extensions without resorting to colouring or chemical treatments.
As it turns out, the extensions this typical customer received were factory-made. This explained why they never looked as beautiful as they had hoped, as factory options are extremely prone to matting, tangling, and visibly separating from natural hair. How did we determine this?

The Telltale Signs of Factory-Made Hair

  1. The Hair Was Dyed: The customer mentioned that when they washed their hair, they could smell the chemicals used for colouring. Upon closer inspection, we indeed found evidence of various colours within the extensions. Virgin hair, by definition, remains untouched by any chemicals or treatments, and any coloured or treated hair can't be considered virgin. That's why LDL only uses the very best virgin human hair extensions for all our customers.
  1. The Extensions Came Pre-Made: Authentic Russian virgin extensions do not come pre-made and ready to install. This type of hair comes in its raw ponytail form, cut straight from the donor's head, bundled, and sent to the salon. If you're buying authentic virgin hair extensions, you should be able to see this raw ponytail. If your extensionist can only provide you with pre-made wefts unwrapped from plastic packaging, it's likely factory-made.
  1. The Hair Didn't Have Cuticles: Factory hair is collected from multiple donors, leading to cuticles facing different directions and catching on each other. To prevent this, factories chemically strip the hair of its cuticles entirely and then coat it in silicone to make it feel smooth. However, this only provides a temporary 'fix,' and the hair will eventually mat and knot as you wear and wash it. Virgin hair, on the other hand, maintains its original cuticles, ensuring you never encounter such problems.

The Importance of Installation

The extensions this typical customer received were installed using a method that couldn't provide the beautiful, long-term results they desired. The salon they visited used a single-bead method, resulting in a stringy, unnatural look and potential damage to their natural hair over time. Even if they had received genuine Russian hair, this method wouldn't have provided a beautifully blended set of extensions. Instead, after several months of wear, their natural hair would likely have begun falling out or significantly thinning.
At LDL International, we do the opposite. Our beaded tracking method protects and even promotes hair growth. We do not use glues or bonds during the installation process. Our wefts act as a protective "curtain" over your natural hair, preventing damage. Our method is undetectable, robust, and entirely reliable. Our customers feel confident with their wefts because they know they will always look amazing – just as you should, day in and day out.

Finding Authentic Virgin Hair Extensions

Education and asking the right questions are essential to finding genuine virgin human hair extensions you can rely on. At LDL, this is our specialty. We believe that you deserve to look and feel amazing every day, and that's what we aim to provide with our extensions.
Ready to embark on your journey to authentic, transformative beauty? Contact us today at 0413 785 399 or fill in our contact form for your complimentary consultation. At LDL International Hair Extensions, we're committed to empowering you to be your best self, and it all starts with the quality of your hair.