Hair Extensions Installation Method

Installation Method - and why the LDL Method is superior

We Have Over 25 Years Of Experience In The Hair Extension Industry, And Have Been Using The LDL Hair Extension Process For Over 12 Years. The difference between LDL and other hair extentionists is that our extensions are incredibly gentle on your real hair.  Our installation process not only nurtures your current hair condition but also encourages new healthy hair growth

Beaded tracking method

Here at LDL we use a unique installation process. During your installation, we use a beaded tracking method by taking thick sections of your natural hair to create various different anchor points.

This is important as your natural hair sheds each day.

For many extension wearers, this means their extensions can end up hanging on by just a few strands. With our method, however, we account for this shedding by creating several anchor points thick enough to ensure your weft is firmly and comfortably attached at all times.

What makes LDL’s installation method really stand out is that we never use any glues, bonds or tapes throughout the entire process.

This is important as it not only gives you the most seamless look without compromising on quality, but it ensures your natural hair is cared for every step of the way.

Sewing on the weft

Once we have created various anchor points, we begin sewing your handmade wefts on to your hair. We do this by using a gentle blanket stitch made from the highest quality thread available. Rather than using a wool thread which can cut and harm the hair, our method ensures that your natural locks are preserved in all their gorgeous glory. And of course, as with our beaded tracking method, we don’t use any glues or bonds during this process.

On top of all this, our installation method is quick and easy. A full head takes 45 minutes, while one row takes just 10 minutes. This ensures that you won’t need to sit in our salon chair for hours as your new hair is installed.

After your extensions have been installed, your LDL specialist will ensure that you are well educated on the ongoing maintenance of your stunning new hair.

In order to maintain your LDL extensions, you will need to visit the salon every 6 weeks to have them re-installed. With the process managed by our experienced specialists, the continued re-installations are carried out fast and professionally.

By using Virgin hair, LDL ensures that our clients can enjoy natural hair extensions that exceed all expectations of beauty, longevity and authenticity.

We make our wefts completely by Hand

Hand Made Weft

Our handmade wefts are undetectable

LDL International Virgin Hair Extensions

Look and feel like real hair - because they are

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