Where is LDL International based?
You will find us at 135 Edward Henty Ave, Doreen, VIC 3754.

LDL services all of Australia, with clients flying in from WA, QLD, SA, NT & NSW. 

LDL also supplies hair to all other states as well as New Zealand and countries outside of Australia, just in case you can’t get down to Melbourne.
What does virgin hair mean?
The true meaning of virgin hair is that during its lifetime, the hair has NEVER been coloured, chemically treated or processed in any way. This is what we use at LDL International. This is imperative for the lasting quality of the hair. Extensions that have been processed are always compromised and never truly look like your own - which is unfortunately what majority of hair extensions are in the market.
What is remy hair?
The true definition of Remy hair is when all hair cuticles are facing in the correct direction, meaning the client will experience no tangling with their extensions. Unfortunately, factories caught on to the demand for this incredible quality hair years ago and now label most hair “Remy”. What they do not tell you, however, is that their hair has undergone a series of chemical treatments aimed at destroying the natural cuticle. This is a attempt to mask the problem of matting and tangling in low-quality hair, although it generally does not work.

What you are truly looking for when researching Hair Extensions is VIRGIN hair. In order for the hair to be in true “REMY” form this MUST be done by hand very carefully – which is exactly what we do here at LDL International. When you come to us, you know you’re getting the finest quality virgin Remy extensions each and every time.
What is factory hair?
Factory produced hair has been chemically altered. This process usually includes acid washing, bleaching, chemically treating and then coating the hair with a layer of silicone to hide the damage caused. 

Knowing this, you might be wondering how to identify factory hair. Simply put, factory hair is all ready-made. This means that you can walk into a salon and have the stylist pull the hair straight from a bag, ready to be installed. It is always supplied in its final form – that is, as a weft, tape or clip in extensions. This will never be the case with virgin hair, as it must be custom-made for each specific client. 

Factory Hair is NOT what LDL supplies, nor is it what you want when looking for Hair Extensions. Factory hair always comes with an expiry date and tends to noticeably deteriorate after as little as a week to 6 months. With LDL, you will always receive flawless, virgin hair extensions that are customised for you.
How are LDL wefts made?
LDL wefts are all handmade and machine reinforced to ensure the lasting durability of each weft. We don’t use any glues or sticky fibres, ensuring the long-lasting quality of your extensions. For more information on our wefts, please call us on 0413 785 399.
Who can wear LDL's hair extensions?
Anyone can wear LDL’s hair extensions, as long as their natural hair is approximately 2 inches long or longer.
I have trichotillomania, can you help?
Yes, we can. LDL has worked with many clients who have Trichotillomania and have successfully created amazing results. 

Please call our salon on 0413 785 399 for a discreet consultation.
Can you wear extensions for volume as opposed to length?
Absolutely! We will custom create a look especially for you - and we get many women who are looking for those voluminous locks!
How much do LDL hair extensions cost?
Our pricing can be found here, however our extension prices vary, and we offer a complimentary phone consultation to go into more depth with you.

We do NOT sell a mass produced product, therefore there are no stock standard prices.The cost of your hair extensions is customised for you. Prices are determined based on several different factors such as: 

• How many wefts you require 
• Colour of the hair 
• How many grams of hair you require 
• Length and width of the wefts you require 
• Type of hair you are wanting and moreEach quote can be tailored specifically to suit your needs. 
Do you offer Payment Plans?
LDL at its discretion, may offer a payment plan to clients. The payment plan terms are as follows: 

-A 30% deposit is to be made in order to begin the creation of your weft. 
-You can make additional payments to pay off your wefts over a 12 month period, either over the phone by calling 0413 785 399 or by bank transfer and sending a receipt of payment to the aforementioned number. 
-Any and all outstanding amounts are to be paid seven days prior to installation of your wefts. 
-Once the hair is paid in full, we book you in for your installation!
Will hair extensions ruin my natural hair?
The team at LDL pride ourselves in keeping up with the most advanced installation methods. We do not use glues, tapes, bonds or any other common techniques that damage your natural hair. Our method is the safest in the country.
Am I too old to wear hair extensions?
NO, you are not! LDL has a range of clients from young women in their 20′s right up to beautiful ladies in their 70′s. All of our clients love their stunning hair, no matter their age!


How are LDL hair extensions installed?
The method we use at LDL is called a beaded tracking method. We begin the installation process by taking a section of your hair – roughly 2cm wide by 1cm tall – and thread this through a small hypoallergenic bead. We then place another bead beneath it to secure it in place, creating an anchor point. This process is continued along the scalp until we reach the width required for the weft we are placing in. Then we stitch the weft on either side of the anchor point, securing the weft beautifully so it is very flat on your scalp. This method is extremely safe and easy to put in as well as remove.
How long does it take to have my LDL extensions installed?
The true meaning of virgin hair is that during its lifetime, the hair has NEVER been coloured, chemically treated or processed in any way. This is what we use at LDL International. This is imperative for the lasting quality of the hair. Extensions that have been processed are always compromised and never truly look like your own - which is unfortunately what majority of hair extensions are in the market.
Does it hurt?
When you first have your installation done, you can have some discomfort the first night, as they are new and tight. After your initial installation the wefts will mould to your head and become pliable.



What maintenance is involved?
Your hair extensions need to be taken out and put back in every 6 weeks. The reason we say 6 weeks is because hair, on average, grows roughly a centimetre per month. In order to preserve the natural growth of your hair it is imperative that you do this. Also, people can shed anywhere between 50 and 100 strands of hair per day. As an extension wearer, that natural hair fall will fall into the installation method. Therefore, it’s important to have the excess shedding removed regularly.
Can I still wash my hair as usual?
Yes, you can. The benefit of wearing 100 percent VIRGIN hair is that you simply wash your hair like normal and do not require special shampoo’s or any other specialty hair care items. However, LDL can certainly recommend quality products – which we sell in our salon and in our online store – that will keep your natural hair looking and feeling flawless.
How long will my hair last?
When LDL hair is looked after as per our recommendations and aftercare, it will last! 

 Remember ladies, two things that we know damage hair - Bleach and Heat! 

 Our hair is virgin, premium hair that lasts for years provided you care for it properly and follow our After Care instructions.
Will people know I am wearing extensions?
Not if you do not want them to know! LDL uses only the highest quality, uncoloured and unprocessed hair. We pick the exact match for your hair type, so that not even your closest friends will know.
Can I still wear my hair up?
Absolutely! Every girl needs to put her hair up from time to time. 

The only restriction is that you cannot wear your hair in a high pony tail, as the extensions are designed to sit with the natural direction of you hair. 

If you're pulling it up, you're pulling it against the grain.LDL recommends a low or mid pony, always.
Will my hair still grow if I am wearing hair extensions?
Absolutely! In fact, people that are wearing LDL’s hair extensions will notice that their hair grows longer and faster than if they were not wearing extensions. The reason for this is the extension acts as a protection layer over the natural hair, stopping it from breaking due to sleeping, brushing, wind, colouring and other factors.
Can you see LDL extensions?
No, you cannot see LDL Hair Extensions. When you book your consultation with us, we will customise your wefts to fit your head, ensuring that they are positioned where nobody can see them.
Will my extensions fall out?
Absolutely NOT! LDL prides itself on our beautiful workmanship and has selected an installation method so safe and robust that you will never lose an extension.
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