Dark blond braided human hair weft sitting on top of Balmain hair products. Shot in studio.

Comparing Human Hair Extensions – Remy vs Non-Remy vs Virgin

The quality of your hair extensions is all-important. It’s the difference between having extensions for a few months (or years, like ours!) and keeping them beautiful during that time.

So, what’s the difference between Remy, Non-Remy and Virgin hair? Learn more with LDL International’s guide.

Remy Hair Extensions

With Remy hair extensions, the hair has been cut from a single donor and has retained its cuticle. The cuticle is what allows the strands of hair to glide past each other without friction, protecting the hair from tangling and matting together.

Non-Remy Hair

In non-Remy hair extensions, there’s nothing to keep the strands of hair all pointing in the same direction:  they all face different directions and become horrendously tangled. No matter how good they look at first installation, these hair extensions will soon become matted and irreversibly damaged.

Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair is just that – naturally beautiful hair that hasn’t been touched. Our ponytails also come from a single donor, so that all of the cuticles face the same direction to prevent tangling and matting.

So, what’s the specific point of difference? Virgin hair uses human hair that has never been treated. It’s free of chemicals and dyes, so the colour and shape of the hair are all-natural.

The integrity of the hair is preserved by avoiding colouring, bleaching, straightening, perming or any other form of hair treatment.

A Luxury Salon For The Best Hair Extensions

Using only the best virgin hair in our luxurious salon in Doreen, Melbourne, LDL International is your salon of choice if you’re after the best look for your hair.

Your customer experience starts with an hour-long consultation, where you will learn about our hair, the method and get to choose the hair you’ve always wanted.

From there, you’ll choose a virgin ponytail to match your hair needs, ensuring unsurpassed quality and elegance. They are then handmade into customised virgin wefts just for you.

The LDL Difference

If you want lush, stunning, long-lasting hair extensions, don't wait any longer. Browse our price list or reach out to our team. We know how to turn your hair into something you’ve always wanted- and it will last for years to come. We invite you to visit us and find out for yourself.