About LDL and our Virgin Extensions

Get the flawless, long hair you have always dreamed of with the help of our expert team at LDL International. Using the finest quality Russian virgin hair extensions, our offering is beyond compare when you are after the most natural, immaculate, and long-lasting look. Our superior quality Russian hair extensions will last for years to come, adding a luscious layer to your hair that will look and feel exceptional. For the best virgin hair extensions in Melbourne, look no further than LDL International.

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Feel the difference of Russian virgin hair extensions

The virgin donor hair used in our exquisite Russian hair extensions is the key to extensions that will stay flawless for longer. Using superior quality hair is the secret to leaving you with elegant tresses which are perfectly blended with your own hair. The LDL difference lies not only in the superior quality of the gorgeous extensions we use, but also in the expert techniques adopted by our team of qualified hairdressers, ensuring that your extensions will last for years to come.


The difference in quality of our natural looking hair extensions in Melbourne lies in the hair itself, which is healthy and smooth. Each of our exquisite hair extensions are collected in ponytails from the donor, keeping the hair follicles facing in one direction to avoid regular tangling and to promote smoothness which will blend with your hair for a seamless finish. Russian virgin hair extensions from LDL International are the key to creating an exquisite, and natural looking fuller head of hair.

LDL International virgin hair 

Expert installation of hair extensions in Melbourne

When we install your flawless Russian virgin hair extensions, we use a method that encourages new and healthy growth for your natural hair. No glues, bonds or tapes are used during the installation process as they can be damaging and harsh on your hair. Instead, our method involves hand sewing your gorgeous Russian hair extensions to several anchor points to ensure longevity and promote the health of your existing natural hair.


With over 25 years of experience in the hair extension industry, our team at LDL International are leaders in their field, providing the best hair extensions in Melbourne. Our unique installation method not only gives your hair the longevity you desire, but our handcrafted wefts ensure that the attachment is completely invisible, leaving you with a gorgeous head of hair that will appear completely natural. Our expertise in installing hair extensions in Melbourne has made us the number one choice for perfect and lasting hair extensions.

 LDL international virgin hair extensions

The only choice for immaculate hair extensions in Melbourne

For the best hair extensions Melbourne has to offer, LDL International are the only choice. With a stunning salon located on 50 acres in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, your visit to LDL will be a luxurious, relaxing experience that will leave you with the kind of thick and flawlessly natural hair you have always desired.  

Find out how installing the best hair extensions in Melbourne can benefit your look and the natural feel of your hair for years to come by booking a phone consultation with our team of experts today. Make your appointment with LDL International for guaranteed quality Russian hair extensions that are beyond compare.

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