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Hair Repair Masks

Even if you take exceptional care of your hair and always protect it from heat, sun, saltwater and chlorine damage, everyday living has a way of drying and depleting it of its natural shine and strength. Luckily, a hair repair or hydrating hair mask can do wonders for your locks even if used just once a week. At LDL International, we have taken the time to curate a selection of hair masks from some of the top brands in the hair care industry. Browse our collection online today to find the perfect one for your hair. 

Hair repair masks for all kinds of locks

Whether you are looking for a hydrating hair mask to restore moisture, a mask for damaged and weak hair or a product for hair that has been recently coloured, you’ll find it all in our range online. 

Give your scalp relief from itching, and your hair the hydration it needs with a Balmain hair repair mask. With ingredients including Silk Protein and Argan Oil, your hair will look, feel and smell amazing. If you need something stronger, the Christophe Robin hair mask with prickly pear oil repairs hair from the root to the tip in just a few minutes.

Shop for repairing and hydrating hair masks today

No matter your specific hair damage or concern, you are sure to find the perfect hair mask to use at home in our range. Restore your hair to its former glory and order a hair repair mask from LDL International today.


What is a hair mask?

A hair mask is a specific hair care product that aims to restore and hydrate damaged or dry hair. Hair masks are used similarly to shampoo and conditioners, however, they tend to be left in the hair for a longer period of time. 

Which hair mask is right for me? 

Whether your hair is damaged from colouring, the sun, heat or chemicals, you can find a hair mask to help improve the issue you are most concerned about. For dry or heat damaged hair, a hydrating hair mask should do the trick, while for colour or chemical damaged hair, a more intense hair repair mask could be effective.

How often should you apply hair masks? 

Though hair masks can be used up to three times per week, for optimal results it’s always best to read the suggestions and directions on your specific hair mask product. 

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3 products