Why We Use Virgin Caucasian Hair

 If you’ve been to our salon or stalked our social media, you might have noticed that we use the word ‘caucasian’ a lot when talking about our wefts.


It’s a point of difference for us here at LDL, but it’s also a word that seems to confuse people when they hear it. “What does skin colour have to do with the type of extensions I get?”, you might be wondering.


Allow Us To Explain…


Simply put, caucasian hair isn’t really about ethnicity, it’s about hair colour! We emphasise this aspect of our virgin pony tails because caucasian hair naturally comes in a variety of different colours. This means that when you come into our salon for your consult, you get to choose from over 100kg’s of hair that varies from gorgeous golden blonde to the boldest of blacks and everything in between. No bleach, dyes or chemicals involved whatsoever – just beautiful, untouched locks that will last you for years.



Unlike LDL, many extensionists provide Asian, Brazilian, Indian etc hair for their clients rather than caucasian. But in our experience, there is simply no competition between them. But it’s not because these types of hair are inherently less beautiful – it’s simply because they’re not as diverse. These other hair types are limited in that they only grow in black or dark brown. This means that bleach, dyes and chemicals must be used in order to achieve any other colour. And that’s just not us. We want to keep the integrity of our extensions in tact, so we don’t want a drop of product touching our pony tails before they get to us. That’s why stocking a certain type of hair – such as caucasian – is so important to who we are and the service we provide.


Does this mean we don’t have options for women of different ethnicities? Of course not! Here at LDL, we pride ourselves on providing the very best hair for clients of all different backgrounds. When you come to us wanting fabulous locks, we make it happen. So no matter who you are or where you come from, we source the perfect virgin hair for your head. This is why our consultations are so important – it allows us to understand exactly what you want and need to achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of.


If you want luscious, beautiful, long-lasting extensions, don’t hesitate to give LDL a call on 0416 785 399. We would love to transform your hair into something you will be obsessed with for years to come.