Personalised Perfection: Customised Hair Extensions in Melbourne

Handmade wefts are amazing hair extensions. They can be customised to fit anyone’s requirements when it comes to their hair, from thickness and length to colour and style. Here, the team of experts at LDL International in Melbourne go over how these unique hair extensions can be personalised to fit nearly every requirement, from custom colours to cut, shape and more. Check out our comprehensive guide below and please get in touch with our amazing and attentive team today if you have any enquiries or would like to book a complimentary consultation with us!

Custom Colour Options

Handmade wefts can be specifically crafted to match your preferred colours. By using multiple differently coloured wefts, you can create a variety of unique hair extensions. By dispersing wefts through the hair, you can combine two or three shades of a certain colour to get a beautiful, seamless match of your current hair or even something new. Weft hair extensions avoid the potential of damaging hair through dying or other harsh methods. 

Custom Styling Options

There are a number of custom styling options available when using custom weft hair extensions. In order to match your preferred length of hair, you could use either multiple weft extensions of varying sizes, or even trim and cut the extensions so that they maintain a beautiful, seamless look with the rest of your hair. Moreover, you can easily alter the density of your hair by choosing the correct number of customised hair extensions. The myriad of application options means that it is very convenient to play around with your extensions to find the number and dimensions that are right for your hair. 

Custom Application Options

Another fantastic benefit of weft hair extensions is that there are large numbers of application options. Sewing them in creates long lasting attachment, though is less convenient. Gluing them in is quick and easy but you run the risk of damaging pre-existing hair. Clip-ons are customisable and the easiest to apply but are not as sturdy as other options.

The fantastic LDL International team is ready to answer your questions about unique hair extensions. Contact us online or call us on 0413 785 399.