How to Find the Best Extensionist For You

How to Find the Best Extensionist For You

 Thinking about getting hair extensions? A quick Google search might tell you that there are hundreds of people offering them in your area. Funnily enough, they all claim they’re the ‘best’. They throw around words like ‘virgin’ and ‘remy’ and their website is filled with photos of happy women with beautiful hair. Sure, they can talk the talk – but how do you know if they can walk the walk?


Before you sit down in the salon chair, ask yourself the following questions to make sure you’re choosing the best extensionist for you…


Do they custom-make their wefts?


If you want beautifully blended, undetectable hair extensions, you’re going to need a custom-made weft. Why? Because there are so many factors that determine how extensions will look once they’re on your head. A great extensionist will require an initial consultation with you to determine exactly what you want. This allows them to decide how many rows to use, as well as the style, length and colour of the hair needed along with other details. After this, they should hand-weft your extensions to ensure it’s perfect for your needs.

Any hairdresser who takes extensions out of a packet to install straight on your head isn’t giving you the best of the best. At LDL, we make sure that every detail is perfect because we know that you deserve it – and that’s exactly the type of service you should be looking for. While our process may take slightly longer due to the fact that we need to handmake every client’s weft, the result is worth it. After all, perfection takes time.


Do they use authentic virgin hair?

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of words are thrown around when it comes to hair extensions. The most common of them all? ‘Virgin’. This term is a favourite amongst extensionists, because it refers to hair that is completely untouched by any chemicals before it reaches you. While virgin hair is what you should be looking for to get that flawless, amazing look, the unfortunate reality is that many salons don’t actually offer what they say they do. Some extensionists advertise their wefts as ‘virgin’, when in reality they are doused in so many chemicals that it will barely last a couple of months on your head. This is factory hair masquerading as virgin, and we’ve written an entire blog on why you don’t want this type of weft touching your head.


So how do you make sure you’re actually getting virgin hair? Here are a few pointers…

  • The hair comes in natural shades – no bleach blondes or silvers. If the colour can’t grow on someone’s head, it’s not virgin hair.
  • The hair doesn’t come from a packet. At LDL, you can visit our salon and choose from thousands of virgin pony tails – no plastic packaging in sight.
  • The hair comes in a range of styles, from curly to straight and everything in between.


Do they have good reviews?


Amazing reviews speak for themselves. If hundreds of women before you have loved their experience with an extensionist and they tick every other box on this list, chances are you’ve found someone worth investing your money in. If there are a slew of negative opinions though, it’s best to run the other way. After all, when you’re handing over hard-earned money to get the hair you want, you should feel absolutely confident that you’ll love the result.



LDL are proud to have never received a negative review – ever. We are passionate about giving each and every one of our customers their dream hair, no matter what they have in mind. Our long list of loyal clients speaks for itself; when you come to our salon, you will never leave disappointed.


If you’re thinking about getting extensions, let LDL take care of you every step of the way. Give us a call on 0413 785 399 to speak with one of our friendly team members and book your initial consultation!