What They Don’t Tell You About Factory Hair

What They Don’t Tell You About Factory Hair

Here at Lady Dee-Lish, we talk a lot about virgin, Caucasian extensions. We’re all about luxury and providing our clients with nothing but the very best hair we can get our hands on. But today we’re turning the focus to the dark side – that’s right, we’re talking about factory hair.


Want to know why we would never in a million years use factory hair for our wefts? We know you do. Here’s why these extensions aren’t worth your time – or money.


Let’s start at the beginning…

The majority of factory hair is sourced from either India or China, and from here it’s sent to manufacturers all over the world. The hair then undergoes extensive chemical processing so that it looks shiny and beautiful when you first take it out of the packet. You look at it and can’t wait to put in on your head. All your long-haired dreams feel like they’re moments away from becoming a reality. Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that feeling won’t last very long…


First up, the factory will acid wash the hair to remove all the cuticles. You know, those important things that stop hair from matting and tangling? But now the factory needs to find another way to achieve that silky-smooth look that they know the customer wants. So they coat the hair in silicone. Lots and lots of silicone. This is nothing but a temporary fix to a permanent problem; after just a few washes, the silicone will be gone and you’ll be left with a tangled mess of hair on your head.


What about colour?

 Another part of the chemical process is bleaching. As we mentioned, most factory hair comes from Chinese and Indian origins, where natural hair colour is largely black and dark brown. But of course, people looking for extensions want to choose from a wide range of colours – so the hair needs to be bleached again and again to achieve any other shade besides the one that is naturally grown. This process seriously damages the hair, making it look dry and dead. Combine the bleaching with all the other chemicals that get used along the way, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for extensions that will last you no more than a few months – if you’re lucky.



An easy way to identify factory hair is by looking at the range of colours that it offers. Have you ever seen a woman with naturally white blonde hair? Didn’t think so. If you can buy the extensions in an unnatural colour, it’s been chemically treated and won’t offer you that luxurious feeling we know you want. Compare this to LDL’s virgin, Caucasian wefts – which have never touched a chemical before they get installed on your head – and the difference is obvious. Our salon is stocked with hundreds of ponytails that range from black to the elusive golden blonde. Sure, we can dye our wefts for you if you want, but that process will never happen before it gets to us. We’re all natural, baby.


Finally, let’s talk hairstyles. What if you want gorgeous wavy extensions or bouncy curls? Sure, factory hair will offer these styles to you, but like almost everything else, it will be artificial. Manufacturers will steam perm the hair so that it’s curly or wavy when you get it. After a few washes though, the curl will fall out and you’ll be left with something that looks limp, lifeless and completely different to what you thought you were buying.


The bottom line…


After all this, factory hair doesn’t behave like normal, natural hair does. Why? Because it’s not natural! It’s over-processed and offers you absolutely nothing of value. You won’t get that flawless look because the extensions are anything but flawless. The more you wear your extensions, the worse they will begin to look and feel.


LDL extensions act like real hair because they ARE real hair. Forget smoke and mirrors, we don’t need to trick you into loving what we do – because we know you’re going to love it in all its gorgeous natural glory. Give our salon a call today on 0413 785 399 to book your first consultation.