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Handmade Hair Extension Specialists in Melbourne

If you’re looking for the best hair extensions in Melbourne, visit LDL International’s luxury salon in Doreen. 

If you’re looking for flawless hair extensions, every single set of our special, premium wefts is handcrafted for each of our ladies, and no two sets are the same. They are made with the finest virgin hair, ensuring unsurpassed quality and elegance that you can enjoy every day.


Treat Yourself with Virgin Hair Extensions 

Are you looking for the most exquisite hair extensions, made from the healthiest virgin hair ? Do you want nothing but the highest quality in natural, virgin hair – for extensions that won’t tangle or harm your own hair the way that manufactured hair can?

Here at LDL International we only work with the best quality authentic virgin hair at our custom built hair extension salon. It’s raw, unprocessed, free of chemicals, and has a wear time of 3 years - right up to 5 years.

Handmade Wefts over Factory Processing

Handmade wefts are the best choice for your hair, and in the experienced hands of your LDL International hair extensionists, we can tailor them to your specific needs.

Handcrafted and custom-made, our virgin hair extensions have a minimum wear period of three years. Meanwhile, wefts made in a factory come with a limited lifespan – often as little as three months.

The chemical processing that manufactured hair goes through greatly diminishes their lifespan - with acid washing, multiple bleachings and colouring all causing irreversible damage that no amount of silicone can hide.

Treat Yourself - and your hair at LDL International

Are you ready to have the most flawless hair extensions that are completely undetectable from your own?

Our hair extensionists have a wealth of experience in what we do. Day in and day out, we’re experts at matching our clients hair to virgin ponytails, making sure its natural hues, textures and length suits yours. We then take the virgin ponytail and create handmade wefts that are just for you.

Our hair extension salon has the most amazing hair you'll ever see, and it's made especially into wefts for you.

The Luxury Experience You Deserve

When you think of LDL International Hair Extensions, we want you to think of luxury. You’ll be pampered as soon as you step foot through our doors!

It’s not just our hair extensions that are beautiful, our salon is too. Custom designed and built just for our ladies,

For the duration of your appointment with us, you are surrounded by marble benches, feature walls, fluting, and leather massage chairs by the sink. All of our clients are treated to a one-on-one service with our highly trained professionals- ensuring a seamless experience for you from start to finish.

By the time you walk out, you’ll be feeling incredible and looking just as good, completely in love with your new permanent hair extensions.

Book Your Consultation Today

You’ll find our salon on a 50-acre estate in Doreen, Melbourne, set amongst beautiful rolling hills. To start your consultation for real hair extensions, browse our price list on handmade wefts or contact us today for a complimentary phone consultation.