Looking after your virgin hair extensions in winter

Wintertime can be harsh on our hair and skin - sitting in front of heaters, open fireplaces, and being inside with dry heat can cause moisture to be zapped from our bodies. 

So how do we combat dry hair in the cooler months?


Ensuring that you are are using high quality salon products is the first step to nourished hair. Products without parabens and sulfates are a must have, as well as a range that has the additional benefits of oils from different sources. 

Commit to a weekly treatment mask

Spend some time on yourself beautiful! Take your hair on a trip to the spa by washing it as normal, then applying one of our incredible hair masks. Leave it on, do your nails and put on a face mask while it's working it's magic! We love the Balmain Revitalising Mask which contains a selection of vitamins E, F and P. Vitamin E gives a boost to the hair and revitalises the hair from within. Vitamin F keeps the scalp healthy, whereas vitamin P repairs dry and damaged hair, strengthens the hair fibres and nourishes the hair from the root. Due to the cashmere and silk ingredients in the luxurious revitalising line, the hair feels smooth and silky soft. 

Use a leave-in conditioning spray

Our lightweight sprays give you the moisture, without the weight! Our favourites are the Leave in Conditioning spray and the Silk Perfume. Delivering a beautiful dose of moisture and the signature Balmain fragrance, you can use these sprays on wet or dry hair.

Sleep on a silk pillow case

Princess vibes anyone?! Silk pillowcases will not only make you feel like you're Royalty, but it'll stop friction, static and also the dreaded 'sleep wrinkles' on the side of your face (and no one wants them!).

Add an overnight oil treatment into your routine

If you're sleeping with a heater on, or heavy blankets, the dry night air will be leeching moisture from your hair. the best way to combat this is to use an overnight oil or serum. 

Our Balmain Overnight Repair Serum is a standout to add to your regime and packs a punch in the moisture department. 

Add high quality fats into your diet

Avocado, nuts and seeds, and salmon are all sources of essential fatty acids, which are a vital nutrient for keeping your hair, skin and body healthy! Bonus : they help you feel fuller for longer! 

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