Benefits of Mobile Stylist for Hair Extensions in Melbourne

Benefits of Mobile Stylist for Hair Extensions in Melbourne

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There are many advantages to utilising the services of a mobile hairdresser when it comes to treating and maintaining your virgin hair extensions. The LDL International team goes over some of the most convenient benefits in this blog. We’re a premier hair extensions salon based right here in Melbourne, Australia with over 25 years of experience offering some of the very best hair extensions and hairdressing services that money can buy. Get in touch with our amazing team if you have any questions regarding how a mobile hair stylist can benefit you, or if you’d like to book your consultation today!

No Need to Travel

The clearest benefit gained from a mobile hairdresser is that they come straight to your door! There’s no need to go to a permanently placed hair extensions salon, so you can save on both time and money by not having to travel.

Flexible Scheduling

A mobile hairdresser is often able to better accommodate difficult schedules than regular hair salons. Whether you’re working from home, watching the kids or just simply relaxing at home, a mobile stylist can come to you when it best suits you and your schedule. 

Personalised Service

When you employ a mobile hairdresser, it’s just you and your stylist. That means that you can clearly inform them about your requests and requirements. Your stylist will be better able to ensure that your virgin hair extensions look and feel like the best hair extensions you’ve ever had!


Finally, a mobile hairdresser, such as LDL International, ensures the most privacy possible when it comes to your hair care. If you’re a little uncertain or uncomfortable having your virgin hair extensions applied in a public salon, a mobile stylist allows you to relax in your own home, in the utmost comfort. 

If you’ve got any questions, or if you’d like to book a free consultation, then please do speak to our team. Contact us online, or call us on 0413 785 399.