5 Common Hair Extension Problems and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Hair Extension Problems and How to Avoid Them

Hair extensions are a great way to enhance your natural locks – but we’d be lying if we said they didn’t get a bad rap from time to time. The truth is that, like any other product, there are a variety of hair extensions on the market for you to choose from. And depending on the quality and type of extensions you buy; some wearers can experience some not-so-desirable results.

Naturally, we want to help you get the gorgeous hair you’re looking for. So, here’s what you need to know about 5 common hair extension problems and how you can avoid them...


 1. They tangle after a few washes

No one wants to wear hair extensions that you can barely run a brush through. Unfortunately, however, many people experience this issue when they choose factory-made options. While these products might look nice for a few weeks, after a while they will begin to tangle and matt. This is simply because most factory-made extensions are coated in silicone to look and feel silky smooth and beautiful. After a few washes, however, the silicone will wear off and the hair will start to look less and less beautiful.


If you want to make sure your extensions look and feel beautiful for as long as possible, the most important thing to look for is genuinely Virgin locks that have never been chemically treated. This type of hair is completely natural, which means what you see is what you get! LDL exclusively uses this type of hair for all our wefts, as we know it creates the most flawless, beautiful results possible!



2. The curl/wave has fallen out

Curly or wavy hair extensions can look beautiful when they’re in the packet, but it’s not uncommon to find that after a few washes, the style falls out. Once this has happened, usually you’re left with lifeless locks that probably don’t match the style of your natural hair. The reason for this is simple; many mass-produced hair extensions are chemically-styled to appear a certain way. After you wash your hair a few times, though, these chemicals will wash out and the true nature of the locks will be revealed.

To ensure you’re getting an all-natural style, it’s again important to source authentically Virgin hair that has never been chemically altered or treated in any way. This will give you confidence knowing that the style is real and won’t fall out over time. If you’re a curly or wavy-haired girl, it’s also a great idea to have your extensions matched to your natural hair style to ensure they suit the look you’re wanting.

Here at LDL, we provide complementary consultations to all our clients to find the perfect pony tail to suit their hair needs. Give us a call on 0413 785 399 to book yours today! 



3. They only last a few months

Like any product, the life-span of your hair extensions will depend on the quality of the hair you buy and how well you take care of them. For example, factory-made hair extensions are usually made from mass-produced, chemically altered hair. Due to the low-quality nature of these locks, extensions of this kind will generally have a wear-time of around 3-6 months. As time goes by, the hair will usually become matted, tangled and start to look less and less like the real, beautiful hair you’re wanting.

If you want to avoid the hassle of replacing your extensions every few months, however, it’s important to invest in a high-quality product. Here are a few things to look for when choosing extensions of this kind:

  • Authentically Virgin hair. This means real human hair that has not been chemically altered, bleached or dyed in any way. Read our blog to learn how you can identify this type of hair for yourself.
  • Choose hair extensions that originally come in a raw-pony tail form, so you can see the hair’s natural state before it’s made into wefts.
  • Do your research! Knowing what you’re buying before you buy it is the best way to ensure you receive the service and product you’re looking for.



4. They don’t look natural

The last thing any extension-wearer wants is to look like they’re actually wearing extensions. With this in mind, there are a few reasons why this may be happening.

  • The extensions haven’t been made to match your precise measurements.
  • The hair has been chemically processed to the point where it no longer looks like real hair.

The best way to avoid these issues is to be aware of the type of extensions and service you’re purchasing before you purchase it. Ask your salon if they will custom-create the extensions to fit your head measurements, as this will ensure they sit perfectly on your scalp. Not only will this Virgin hair look and feel exactly like real locks (because they are!), but it will blend flawlessly with your real hair when worn naturally.



5. They don’t match the texture of your hair

To get the best results from your hair extensions, it’s important that you buy a product that matches the natural texture of your hair. However, as many factory-made hair extensions are chemically styled or blended with horse hair, it can be difficult to find an option that blends perfectly with your locks. With this type of product, it’s hard to know what you’re getting before you buy – even if you think it looks like a perfect match in the packet.

The good news is that it is possible to find Virgin hair extensions that truly match your real locks, whether they are curly, straight, wavy or somewhere in between.

Here at LDL, we provide each client with a consultation to ensure we match their real hair texture with a Virgin pony tail from our collection. This ensures that the client can wear her hair extensions completely naturally and still have confidence that they will look flawless.