What is Virgin Hair?

What is Virgin Hair?

 For all the fuss that’s made about virgin hair extensions, it can be quite hard to find out exactly what this term means. At LDL, we are virgin hair enthusiasts, using nothing but the finest quality, ethically sourced options to create our stunning handmade wefts.


After almost two decades working with extensions, we’ve learnt all there is to know about virgin hair. Today we’re taking away the jargon and telling it like it is – here’s everything you need to know about virgin hair…

Beautiful, natural locks


Put simply, virgin hair is completely unprocessed human hair. It hasn’t touched any chemicals or dyes and only comes in colours that can be naturally grown on someone’s head. It’s also taken from a single donor, which is important because it means that all the cuticles will be facing the same way. This is also referred to as ‘Remy’ hair, and ensures that the cuticles can do what they’re best at; making sure the hair doesn’t tangle or matt.


By not colouring, perming, straightening, bleaching or removing the cuticles of the hair, its integrity is left completely in-tact. This means that when it’s installed on your head, it will feel, look and act like your real hair – because it IS real hair. What can we say; we’re all natural, baby.


Quality you can count on

You may have heard that virgin hair is the highest quality product on the market, but can you really tell the difference when you’re wearing it?


The short answer? YES!


When you buy virgin extensions from LDL, you’ll get silky smooth, luxurious hair that you will absolutely love – we can guarantee it. They won’t matt, shed, tangle or dry out like non-virgin options do. From the moment they’re taken from the donors head to the second their put onto yours, their quality is preserved to ensure you receive nothing but the best.


Our clients love their extensions because they become a part of who they are. Our wefts are so natural that nobody will suspect it’s not your real hair. Long story short, you just can’t get that level of perfection from anything other than virgin.


 Lasting luxury

If you’ve ever bought synthetic or factory hair extensions, you’ll know that they barely last more than a couple of months – if you’re lucky. When you compare this to the years of amazing wear you get from virgin extensions, there is simply no competition.


You might pay a bit more for virgin options to begin with, but if you think about all the money you’d otherwise spend on buying low-quality extensions over the years, it’s a no-brainer. You’re much better off investing in virgin wefts that you love and will love you back!


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