3 Things to Expect When You Buy Pre-Packaged Curly Hair Extensions

3 Things to Expect When You Buy Pre-Packaged Curly Hair Extensions

Straight, wavy, curly – hair extensions come in every texture you can think of. However, finding a high-quality option can be particularly difficult for those who are blessed with naturally curly locks. Many of our curly-haired clients have told us that before they came to LDL, they tried every type of extension under the sun only to feel disappointed when they didn’t live up to expectations. In most cases, the difference between our extensions and the others was simple – ours are custom-made from authentic Virgin hair, while the others are a factory made, pre-packaged product.

So, what exactly makes the latter option less beautiful? Here are the three most important factors we want you to know about pre-packaged extensions…


1. The curls will wash out

Yep, that’s right – Your curly packet extensions will likely lose their bounce in time! Factory made extensions are highly processed products. Before you buy it, this hair is treated with various different chemicals that not only strips the hair of its health, but also of its natural curl. Once this texture has been compromised, factories will then chemically style the locks to get the hair looking curly again. This unfortunately also applies to any other style, including pre-made ‘wavy’ extensions.

Unfortunately, as you wash the extensions over time, the chemicals holding the curls will wash out, too. Eventually, you will be left with dry locks that have almost no curl left in them at all. Definitely not ideal if the rest of your hair is full of life! At this stage, it becomes obvious that you’re wearing extensions as your natural, curly locks simply don’t match the texture of your factory wefts.


2. They will matt and tangle

As we’ve spoken about before, factory made extensions are a highly processed product. The amount of chemicals used in the process of bleaching, dying and styling the hair severely compromises its quality. On top of this, most factories chemically strip the hair of its cuticle to offer a seemingly smooth finish, but eventually this just leads to even more tangling over time.

Rather than being smooth, silky and natural looking, the hair will eventually become extremely knotty and matted. For you ­– the consumer – this will never provide a beautiful, natural finish. Instead of bouncy, beautiful, soft curls, you will be left with tangled hair that looks vastly different from your natural locks. The difference between your real hair and your extensions will become more and more obvious over time, which leads us to our next point…


3. They won’t perfectly match your real hair

It goes without saying that you want your extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural locks. However, for curly-haired women, it can be incredibly difficult to achieve this look with pre-packaged hair. The truth is that your curls are as unique as you are, so in order to achieve a flawless result you need to find the right hair to match your specific curl type, texture and colour.

While authentically Virgin, curly ponytails are incredibly rare, we at LDL are proud to have a collection of them available for our curly-haired clients. When you come in for your initial consultation, we will find the perfect ponytail to match your particular curls and hair goals, ensuring that the final result is absolutely stunning. By personalising your custom LDL wefts, we ensure that your hair looks, feels and acts exactly like real hair!


Finding your perfect Virgin extensions

The term ‘Virgin’ or ‘Russian’ are unfortunately overused quite often in the hair industry. Any salon or hair supplier can use these words to describe their hair, even if it isn’t a real Virgin product. If you want to make sure you are buying genuinely Virgin hair, read our blog on how to differentiate this high-quality product from its inferior counterparts.

Here at LDL, we exclusively use genuine Virgin hair to create our custom extensions. We have thousands of raw, Virgin ponytails in our salon. You can even pick them up and feel the quality for yourself when you book a  consultation. If you decide to go ahead and get your very own set of LDL custom wefts, you will get to choose which ponytail you want to use for your extensions. From start to finish, our process is designed to provide the utmost luxury to our clients.