Hair Loss

Did you know 75% of women will suffer some type of hair loss in their lifetime?

Women are often forgotten in the world of hair loss. It’s a taboo subject for many - but we want to assure you - it’s completely normal and common. 

Women suffer hair loss for many different reasons:


Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that can cause intermittent or permanent hair loss in varying degrees of severity. The hair loss that occurs is unpredictable, however, oit will typically present itself in small balding patches and can impact anyone regardless of age or gender. 


This involves recurrent, irresistible urges to pull out body hair. The urges involve pulling out hair from the scalp, eyebrows and other areas of the body.

Post chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs are powerful medications that attack rapidly growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, these drugs also attack other rapidly growing cells in your body — including those in your hair roots.

Hormone Imbalances

Imbalances in estrogen and progesterone can attribute to hair loss.

Thyroid issues

Severe and prolonged hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause loss of hair. 


Women experience a substantial hormone shift during pregnancy, which can result in significant hair loss. Other health complications can arise like thyroid disorders and iron deficiency, and once the baby is born some women can experience postpartum shedding. 

Post Partum Menopause

Changes in hormones can cause hair loss and thinning


Certain medications can cause hair loss

Anxiety and Stress

Significant stress can push huge numbers of hair follicles into a resting and shedding phase.

Weight Loss Surgery

Can affect nutrient absorption which in turn affects hair growth


An imbalance in hormones can attribute to hair loss

Iron deficiency and Restricted protein 

Lack of adequate iron in the blood can affect hair

Decreased nutrition 

Due to many reasons, lack of adequate nutrition in the body can result in hair loss


As we age, our natural bodily stores deplete and can leave us lacking

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

And then there’s also the women that have unexplained hair loss.

These unexplained and unexpected episodes of hair loss are more common than ever before- and we have been seeing more and more women every year. 

LDL International specialises in helping women gain their confidence back - creating custom virgin hair wefts and specialised advice for each individual woman


So many of our clients have suffered from hair loss and we understand how much hair means to a woman. 

This is why we only use the highest quality hair and a supreme installation technique, ensuring the most natural looking extensions on the market. 

No one will ever know (unless you want them too!) that you're wearing LDL International Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions for Hair Loss

A safe installation process that will protect existing hair

At LDL, the health of your existing natural hair is of the utmost importance to us. We provide a consultation process for all our clients to determine the best way to incorporate the right hair extensions for their hair loss. Because no two sets are ever the same, we pride ourselves on listening to our clients and taking the time to tailor-make exquisite hair extensions that meet their specific needs. Our goal is to help you radiate confidence by working collaboratively to deliver bespoke, gorgeous and lush extensions to match your specific type of hair loss.

Can hair extensions help with thinning hair?

Hair extensions for hair loss are a great solution for most, but results will vary depending on your natural hair type and texture as well which extension option you select. Ultimately the hair and extension type must match — for example, clip-in hair extensions can damage fine hair as they are bulky and are likely to pull. Clip ins are also considered to be of lesser quality as they are made from synthetic hair and will most likely leave you with visible tracks. For those with thinning hair or hair loss, we recommend hair extensions made from authentic human strands as this will create natural, all-around volume.

Why are handmade weft extensions the best extensions for hair loss?

With a straightforward installation process and offering long lasting results, handmade wefts are becoming an increasingly popular type of hair extensions for hair loss. These types of hair extensions will provide their wearer with a thick, natural and healthy head of premium quality hair and work particularly well for fine hair as they are easily concealed. 

Ready to get started? For the flawless, natural looking locks you’ve always dreamed of, simply get in touch to book your consultation today. 


Hair naturally thins as we age, and this is usually a gradual progression. However the unexplained and sudden hair loss that occurs through pregnancy and menopause can be dramatic and devastating. 

Firstly, the natural growth cycle of your hair may be interrupted due to a change in hormone levels. 

Then, as we age, our follicles become narrower, which gives the appearance of less hair. 

Finally, a drop in estrogen can deplete or slow oil production making hair drier and more susceptible to breakage. 


Anxiety can create long term and persistent stress.

While stress and anxiety are two separate conditions,  long term stress on its own can lead to many symptoms, which can also appear as anxiety.

Stress can cause many conditions that lead to hair loss. These include:

Alopecia Areata - Sudden loss of large clumps of hair in areas around your scalp or gradual hair loss that builds over time.

Telogen Effluvium - This is a condition where more hairs than normal prepare to fall out.

Trichotillomania - This is a habitual condition caused by stress and anxiety where the person pulls out hairs - sometimes without realizing it.


Certain vitamins and minerals can attribute to hair loss - and this is something that is as simple as seeing your GP about. 

Iron, Vitamin B12, and essential minerals like Silica and Selenium are vital in building healthy hair (and skin and nails). But if your diet is missing out on these vital building blocks, then your body won't be able to create the keratin or cellular regeneration required. 


Certain medications - while vital - can wreak havoc on parts of the body, and cause deficiencies which may result in hair loss. 

Chemotherapy is a prime example of a treatment that has massive side effects, hair loss being the most common one. 

Our Solution

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