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Hair Toners

Enriching ash hair toners to brighten dull locks

Whether you’ve been lying in the sun or swimming in a chlorinated pool all summer, transform and neutralise your yellow and warm-toned locks into cool ash shades with our Balmain ash hair toner. Brightening silver tones while depositing violet pigment onto your warm-toned strands, this formula is enriched with Silk Protein and organic Argan Elixir to soften, revitalise and moisturise undernourished locks.

This lightweight, leave-in formula can also brighten human hair extensions until you reach a natural-looking colour you’re satisfied with. If you have tresses that need a little extra attention and conditioning, this toner for blonde hair is a must-have in your arsenal. 

Illuminating shampoos that act as hair toners for bleached blonde tresses

To counteract unwanted warm tones that can look a little unnatural, our impressive collection of Balmain shampoos are enriched with pure violet pigments to brighten and enliven dull locks for a fresh and vibrant finish. Specifically formulated for cool blonde and highlighted hair, our silver shampoo provides a gentle cleanse while offering optimal hydration and unmatched nourishment — so your mane remains soft, smooth and shiny. Along with neutralising yellow strands, our best-selling paraben-free shampoo works with our hair toners to maintain your colour in between appointments. With our nourishing products in your hair-care kit, it’s never been easier to keep your mane in premium condition.