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Why We Use Beaded Tracking for Hair Extensions in VIC

The beaded tracking method of hair extension installation has been refined by LDL - and only our team use this particular method.

Discover the process and benefits of the beaded tracking method with this article from LDL International.

What Is the Beaded Tracking Method?

The Beaded Tracking Method is a type of installation that ensures and promotes healthy hair growth.

For this approach, your hair extensionist will create numerous anchor points on your scalp, by taking small sections of your natural hair.  This ensures that the weight of the weft is evenly distributed - not causing any stress on your own natural hair. This also allows natural hair shed to occur, and still not compromise the integrity of your natural hair. The handmade weft is then sewn onto these anchor points, using a specific thread, again not causing any breakage through your hair - and sitting very flat and secure.

While other extension procedures limit the ways you can wash, dry or style your hair, that’s not the case with the beaded tracking method. This technique was developed with the goal of achieving maximum results the most flawless finish.

Benefits of the Beaded Tracking Method

Why is it so important to have the LDL weft hair extensions with our beaded installation method? For a start, the beaded tracking method accounts for the fact that your natural hair sheds every day. On average, we shed 50-100 hairs every single day - these hairs naturally fall, regardless of the density of your hair.

With other installation methods, you may find that your extensions are only held on by a few strands. These are held in by glues that can damage your own hair.

Here at LDL International, however we don’t use glue, bonds or tapes - and we make the anchor points secure enough to allow for natural shedding to occur. 

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions Results 

Handmade wefts installed using the LDL beaded tracking method are the surest way to achieve a seamless look with your virgin weft hair extensions.

At LDL International, we will make sure the overall effect is flawless, and that your extensions are manageable for everyday wear.

Experts in LDL Hair Extension

For hair extensions that are extremely gentle on your natural hair, and to be in the hands of professionals that care about your own hair growth, call us today.

At your 6 weekly maintenance appointments, your hair is monitored and assessed by our team of experts. Our goal for you is to have beautiful hair - with extensions in or out.

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