What are the best products to use with hair extensions?

The haircare industry is a mulit-billion dollar industry - and one that confuses many consumers. 'What product is best to use for my hair extensions?' is a question that we get asked on a daily basis - and there's a few do's and do not's when it comes to this.

Firstly, here at LDL International, we deal only only with the raw, virgin ponytail. This means that our hair has never been chemically treated, mixed with synthetic hair, coloured, or coated in silicone (as manufactured hair extensions have been). 

We hand-make our wefts in house - which is always a superior method - and it also means that you can use any (good quality, salon brand) shampoo and conditioner. 

Manufactured hair extensions are not only heavily chemically treated, but they're also coated in silicone - which means that you need to continue using products with silicone to maintain the coating (which washes off after a short time). Silicone is weighty, drying, causes oiliness and also buildup).

Here at LDL, we have two stunning ranges- Balmain Hair Couture and Christophe Robin. Both are high quality and designed for real hair - which ours are! No silicone coated extensions in sight!


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