The LDL difference

The LDL difference

Why invest in LDL extensions? Well…where do we start!


Here at LDL, we are as passionate about your hair as you are, and believe you deserve the best.


When it comes to hair extensions, there is a wide range of hair quality that is available. In some instances, hair can be sourced from overseas factories that acid wash, colour, chemically treat and then coat the hair in silicone. After a few washes, this hair starts matting, knotting, and snapping, leaving you with less than enviable locks that need replacing often.




In salon, we have bundles of beautiful VIRGIN hair – the term ‘virgin’ refers to the untouched nature of the hair itself. It has never been chemically altered, coloured, bleached, or coated in silicone, just stunning ponytails cut straight from the donors hair.


Once you have selected your gorgeous pony tails, we can begin to hand-make your wefts. These finely crafted wefts are made by our highly specialised in-salon full time weft maker. This ensures unsurpassed quality and a completely customisable result.


Whether it is wavy, straight, curly, blonde, brunette or a colour in between, we have it. We can create an undetectable, natural result at that will leave you, your family and friends speechless.


Call the salon on 0413 785 399 too book in a consultation to see the beautiful hair yourself!