The difference between manufactured Hair Extensions and LDL International Hair Extensions

Here at LDL Hair Extensions, our main goal is to educate the masses on the difference between machine made hair extensions, and real virgin, hand wefted hair extensions - which is all that we specialise in. 

Manufactured hair extensions are all created the same way. 

The hair is collected and sent to large factories, where it goes through a series of processes- the hair is acid washed, which strips the cuticle, then they’re bleached, coloured, straightened or curled, and coated in silicone. The silicone leaves it looking shiny and feeling soft - for a little bit. However that silicone washes off; leaving you with dried, matted hair, and extensions that are unwearable. 

 LDL International Virgin Hair Extensions

On the other hand, here at LDL Hair Extensions we only use the raw, virgin ponytail. It has been sourced from one donor, and has never been coloured, chemically treated, or coated in silicone. When we say virgin, we mean completely untouched!

The goal with our hair extensions is to have them look and feel as natural as your own hair - so that no one can tell the difference. 

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