Summer Hair – getting the most out of your luscious locks

 Summer…our favourite season! The sun drenched days at the beach, family time relaxing by the pool, long balmy nights that you never want to end….whatever Summer means to you, your hair is along for the ride- and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Our beautiful virgin hair extensions are ready to dive into that pool, and enjoy the cold refreshing sea water just as much as you are. The truth is, there is nothing extra you need to worry about!


Of course, the love you give your hair is just as important in Summer, so make sure you are still using an amazing hair treatment (hint- visit our incredible online store!), and that you continue your conditioning routine. Some extra oil or serum wouldn’t go astray for the ends of your hair either.


Get the most out of Summer and hair this season, and beyond all, enjoy!




The LDL Team