Is this the most beautiful Hair Salon in Australia?

Is this the most beautiful Hair Salon in Australia?

We certainly think so! And our hair salon is not your average hair salon - we specialise in the most beautiful Virgin Hair Extensions in the World. 

Here at LDL International Hair Extensions our brand is synonymous with luxury and we pride ourselves on creating the most unique hair extensions for each and every woman that walks through the door. 

Just like our virgin ponytails, our salon is one of a kind.

With leather massage chairs at the basin, marble benches, feature walls and fluting - you've never seen a salon like this!


This stunning salon is located on a 50 acre estate in Melbournes leafy green suburb of Doreen.

With rolling hills, native flora and fauna, and a stunning view, the salon stands atop the mountain and is our beautiful oasis amongst the land.




 If you're ready for the hair of your dreams, contact us today or call 0413 785 399