How We Custom Created Laurina Fleure’s 25-inch Hair Extensions

How We Custom Created Laurina Fleure’s 25-inch Hair Extensions

Almost every woman has a vision of her ‘dream hair’ – the look she’d love to have but perhaps never thought was possible. Here at LDL, we have many clients who come to us to make this dream a reality with our custom extensions. And recently, we helped Laurina Fleure get the gorgeous locks she’s been lusting after since she was a little girl.


Laurina has been a client of ours for almost 2 years now, but after wearing her beautiful set of extensions day in, day out, she was ready for a change. And what a change it was! Keep reading to hear more about Laurina’s hair journey and how we created her beautiful new locks!


Journey to dream hair…

We all have those things we regret doing as a child. For Laurina, though, that regret involved her beautiful long hair, some scissors and a lifetime of wishing she had her length back. Because of this, she says she dreamt of having long, mermaid locks her whole life but never thought it would be possible as she couldn’t get her hair to grow that long.


Of course, then she found LDL. After wearing her medium-length wefts for over a year and a half, we began working on making her hair dream come true. This is how we did it…


Choosing the pony tails

To give Laurina the hair she so desperately wanted, we needed to source several super-long, brunette Virgin pony tails. On top of this, the pony tails needed to match her naturally wavy locks, ensuring that it would all blend beautifully when she let her hair dry naturally.


Ultimately, Laurina and the LDL team decided to use three different raw, Virgin pony tails for the job. These pony tails had slight variations in colour, allowing us to use the lighter hair to create 100% natural, Virgin highlights throughout the wefts. Here at LDL, we exclusively use authentic Virgin hair to create each and every set of our extensions. This is the highest quality hair available, and it ensures that our clients can enjoy wearing their gorgeous LDL wefts for years.


Creating the weft


After taking Laurina’s measurements, our in-house weftmaker blended these pony tails together and turned them into a stunning full set of extensions. We proudly create each and every set of custom extensions by hand, ensuring that each step in the process meets our exceptionally high standards for quality. Every part of the process – from the hair we source to the thread we use to create the wefts – is done to provide our clients with a truly special and unique product they will love.


All in all, Laurina’s full head of LDL wefts measured 25 inches long and took us approximately 6-7 hours to hand-craft. Of course, one look at this stunning transformation shows why this level of detail and care is so important to us…



The final look


After removing Laurina’s first set of LDL wefts – which were still in beautiful condition, allowing her to take them home and potentially use again in the future – we got started on her installation. LDL exclusively uses a unique and gentle installation method that doesn’t utilise any glues, bonds or chemicals. This process protects our client’s natural hair as well as their gorgeous new LDL extensions.


Once the installation was complete, we styled Laurina’s dreamy new mermaid hair using EVY Professional styling tools. This technology not only provides an effortlessly gorgeous styling result, but it protects and nourishes your locks in the process. The perfect way to care for your hair while still getting the look you love.


As you can see, Laurina walked out of our salon with hair that was natural looking, healthy, beautiful and, most importantly, exactly what she always wanted! Because we used authentically Virgin hair to create the look, these phenomenal LDL extensions will last her for YEARS and require minimal maintenance along the way.


Become an #LDLGirl


Here at LDL, we love helping each and every one of our clients get the hair they’ve always dreamed of. No matter what your vision is or what type of hair you have naturally, give us a call on 0413 785 399 to learn more about our custom extensions and book your consultation!