How Do Hair Extensions Work for Thinning Hair?

How Do Hair Extensions Work for Thinning Hair?

Not everyone is blessed with a thick head of hair – and no one knows this better than LDL’s very own fine-haired founder. The truth is that extensions don’t have to spell damage for your fine locks. Well, not when you come to LDL, that is.


Here’s how we have given many of our fine-haired clients the thick, luscious hair they’ve always dreamed of.


How the LDL method works…

As one of only a few salons in Australia who specialise in our unique beaded tracking method, we are proud to say that this installation process is perfect for people with thinning hair. This method utilises various different anchor points on your head that are made up of sections of your natural hair. These anchor points ensure your wefts are able to be securely sewn onto your head without causing too much strain on your locks – a very important element to consider for those clients whose hair is already fine and fragile.


How we protect your thinning locks…



 LDL’s installation method is inherently designed to be as gentle as possible. Unlike many other processes, we don’t use any glues, bonds or chemicals on your hair, meaning it won’t compromise its health over time. On top of this, we use a gentle stitching method that utilises high-quality thread, minimising the risk of harm to your locks.

This gentle process has allowed us to help many fine-haired clients get the luscious locks of their dreams. Over time, our wefts can even help your natural locks grow and become thicker and more voluminous. This is simply because the weft that we sew onto your hair works as a barrier for the natural locks underneath. Over time, because this hair is less exposed to chemicals, heated styling and other harmful processes, it can have a chance to regain its health and grow back better than ever!


Find out if our extensions are right for you!

Here at LDL, we specialise in custom made extensions that are created for you and you only. Whether you’re living with hair loss, have naturally fine hair or simply want to add more length or volume to your locks, our extensions can give you the look you’re dreaming of.


Simply give our Melbourne salon a call today on 0413 785 399 to book your consultation with one of our wefting experts and see how the LDL method can work for you!