Handmade Wefts in Melbourne to Match Colour and Texture

Handmade Wefts in Melbourne to Match Colour and Texture

Are you looking to add some more volume or length to your hair but don’t know where to start? Here at LDL International, we have the best hair extensions Melbourne has to offer and we can blend them perfectly with your natural colour and texture, leaving you with a gorgeously seamless style.

What are Virgin Weft Extensions?

Virgin weft extensions are made from hair that is untouched by harmful chemicals or treatments. Our handmade wefts come bundled in ponytails so that each individual hair is already in place and will feel smooth and sleek to brush out, with no knots. This hair is durable and healthy, ensuring your weft will last for years without any damage.

Is There a Full Spectrum of Hair Colours Available?

Rest assured, when you wear our handmade hair extensions, the team will be able to find the perfect shade to naturally blend with your hair. Often, you’ll be limited in the range of shades you can choose from, leaving you with mismatched hair or little options. Here at LDL International, our wide range of natural colours and textures means that no matter what your hair looks like, we’ll be able to find your perfect match! This also goes for the texture of your hair, whether it’s straight, wavy, curly or silky, we can match it perfectly.

Where Can I Find Healthy and Protective Hair Wefts?

We pride ourselves on giving our clients the most luxurious treatments possible. When you book an appointment with LDL International, we do our best to keep your hair healthy and free of damage as we work with nourishing treatments and handmade wefts. We carefully incorporate the wefts into your natural locks, ensuring a seamless style.

Acting as a protective shield over your hair, the techniques we use to install our extensions will help prevent damage and keep your hair looking bright and healthy. These wefts will be undetectable and with the help of your chosen specialist, they’ll last you years to come!

Can I Book an Appointment?

When looking for handmade weft extensions, don’t settle for less than the best. We will match your hair exactly so that your new extensions look and feel natural. To have beautiful weft extensions that are guaranteed to match your hair texture and colour, feel free to call us on 0413 785 399 now or get in touch online to book an appointment in our Melbourne salon.