Handmade wefts for flawless hair

Handmade wefts for flawless hair

For many people, growing and maintaining long, luscious hair is an impossible task — but here at LDL, we can help you achieve the hair of your dreams. Say goodbye to bad hair days because our luxurious weft hair extensions are an excellent way to add length, volume and thickness, and to help hide damage. We are renowned for providing superior quality weft hair extension installation services with our work - displaying a sharp eye for detail and genuine care for each customer that walks through our door. With over 25 years of industry experience and as the best Hair Extensions Masters in Melbourne — it’s clear to see why we are the number one choice for flawless, natural looking weft extensions in Melbourne.

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Virgin hair for natural weft hair extensions

Owner and founder of LDL and celebrated hair collector, Dee McGill has thoughtfully curated an impressive range of exceptional virgin ponytails that are made into custom weft hair extensions sourced from authentic, virgin hair. She avoids using factory hair as it’s treated with chemicals and coated in silicone, which looks shiny in the packet, but quickly deteriorates after a few washes. Virgin hair gets its name from the untouched nature of the strands, having not been touched by a single chemical and resulting in hair structure that’s strong and healthy. Immaculate and untreated, our virgin hair is the reason LDL is the best choice for premium quality hair weft extensions in Melbourne

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What are weft hair extensions and what sets hair weft extensions apart from other kinds?

A weft hair extension is a collection of hair strands, sewn together with a thin, horizontal cloth at one end. At LDL, we use the latest beading and sewing installation methods to ensure your extensions look flawless, are long lasting and don’t damage your natural hair. Our phenomenal hair weft extensions do not tangle with your natural hair, keeping it healthy and protected. We have made it our mission to protect our client’s hair at all costs and so we don’t use any glues, bonds or tapes that could damage its structure.

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How long do weft hair extensions last?

Over time your natural hair will grow or shed, and so the extensions will need to be reinstalled every six weeks to maintain a secure hold. Our hair weft extensions  can last anywhere from a minimum 3, right up to 5 years - depending on the way you look after it. Our exquisite virgin weft hair extensions have been hand-selected by Dee, and are the strongest and healthiest in the market, so you can expect them to last for years. Browse our impressive collection of elegant ponytails and discover the difference for yourself. 

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