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Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair & Hair Loss Problems

Hair extensions for women with hair loss are an excellent solution to thicken up your look. However, when looking for the best hair extensions for thin, thinning or damaged hair, ensure that you choose virgin hair - and a team of professionals to monitor your own hair growth.

To learn more about hair extensions for hair loss, dive into this guide from LDL International’s hair extensions salon.

Clip-In Hair Extensions 

For thin hair, it’s best to avoid heavy clip-in extensions that can pull on and harm delicate hair. Most clip-in’s are mass-produced and factory-made which are low quality and have a short lifespan. When the chemicals locking in colour, shine and shape wash out, you're left with lifeless locks that don't fit the look of your natural hair.

From there, the extensions will get matted, knotted and less like the silky hair you want.

Virgin Clip-in Hair Extensions

If you do want clip-ins, we recommend opting for virgin hair extension clip-ins, which we offer at LDL. At LDL International, we use virgin hair to make our handmade hair extensions, which come in a range of lengths, colours and textures. They’ll be installed and clipped in place in such a way that they blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair 

LDL International doesn’t use any glues, bonds or chemicals on your hair. Instead, we use virgin handmade hair extensions that are carefully attached to anchor points on your natural hair.

No matter how fine your hair is, we can help elevate your look! Simply get in touch to book your consultation today or browse our price list.