Guide to the Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair and Hair Loss

Guide to the Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair and Hair Loss

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Choosing the correct hair extensions is essential if you’re looking to minimise the appearance of hair loss and thinning hair without damaging your natural hair. The experts here at LDL International in Melbourne have all the answers you could need. We can help you choose the correct extension type for your needs, and ensure that the extension you choose is durable, luscious and integrates seamlessly with your pre-existing hair. We can also provide guidance on caring for your new extensions. Check out our comprehensive guide below and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions pertaining to this article or hair extensions in general.

Choose the Best Extension Type for You

There is no singular best choice when it comes to hair extensions for hair loss. Instead, we encourage you to analyse the needs of your own hair and decide from there. We find that people experiencing hair loss or thinning hair tend to need lightweight, handmade hair extensions in order to reduce the possibility of hair pulling and more damage. Alternatively, you might prefer clip-ons for their convenience and versatility. Speak to your hair extensions experts to learn more.

Opt for High-Quality Extensions

Whatever extension type is right for you, it’s absolutely crucial that you choose hair extensions that are high quality. Handmade hair extensions are almost always the way to go, as they are crafted specifically to integrate seamlessly with your pre-existing hair. Virgin human hair is often the best choice, as it is longer lasting and more luscious than factory-produced hair.

Professional Care and Maintenance

Regular professionally provided care and maintenance are important for all hair extensions, but particularly those designed to combat hair loss. Our professionals will ensure that your extensions remain strong and beautiful, analyse if they are having an undue impact on your pre-existing hair, and make recommendations accordingly.

If you’ve got any questions regarding the best hair extensions for hair loss, or hair extensions in general, then get in touch with our team by either contacting us online or calling us on 0413 785 399.