Genuine Handmade Virgin Caucasian Hair Extensions, VIC

Here at LDL International, one of the things that sets us apart as a premium salon is our use of virgin hair in all of our handmade weft hair extensions.

We have Australia’s largest collection of virgin ponytails which you will be able to see, touch and feel- to ensure the perfect match for your hair.

There is a range of benefits to virgin hair, as we’ll explore in our guide below.

Virgin Colour Range

We use virgin ponytails for their natural colours and textures.

You’ll notice this immediately when you come in for a consultation. When you’re selecting from thousands of virgin ponytails displayed on our one-of-a-kind hair wall, their hues will range all the way from golden blondes to the very darkest brown.

Because all of our ponytails are natural, so are their colours – there’s not a drop of bleach or dye anywhere. We want to retain the integrity of the hair we use in extensions. This is a key part of how we create our virgin wefts– it’s vital to who we are and what we do.

The Largest Selection of Virgin Ponytails to Choose From

We offer this range of virgin ponytails to help you find the perfect match to fit your own. No matter what kind of colour, curl or texture you are naturally blessed with, we’re sure to find the right fit in our extensive collection.

LDL International offers the best quality in virgin hair extensions. You’ll be able to find the perfect hair to use for your extensions, no matter what you’re born with.


Ready For Your Transformation?

Time to make it happen? If you’re after stunning hair you’ll love, simply pick up the phone to LDL International or contact us online. No matter what colour or type of hair you have – thick or thin, straight or curled or wavy – our hair extensionists will find the answer.