Exploring the Quality of Weft Hair Extensions in Doreen

Exploring the Quality of Weft Hair Extensions in Doreen

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Weft hair extensions are a beautiful and functional way to add length, volume and thickness to your hair, whilst ensuring that it looks luscious and damage-free. In this article, the LDL International specialists go over exactly what it is that makes a weft such a great option for high-quality hair extensions and how they can positively impact your look. Contact our fantastic team in Doreen if you have any enquiries about this article, or if you’re ready to book your complimentary consultation with us!

What Sets Wefts Apart from Other Extensions

Weft hair extensions are made up of a collection of hair strands attached to a slim base material that can be woven into your natural hair. These quality hair extensions are far easier to install and maintain than most other options: they look flawless and don’t damage the natural hair. 

LDL International should be your No.1 choice for weft hair extensions in Doreen. Our handmade wefts are made of virgin human hair and are installed and maintained by highly trained hair experts.

The Difference of Handmade Wefts

Using handmade wefts ensures that your hair extensions are made specifically to match your requirements. Rather than relying on preset, factory-made extensions, these options are crafted in-salon, tailored specifically by an attentive, hair specialist. We provide handmade weft hair extensions of the highest quality in Doreen and the surrounding areas, each designed to be seamless, beautiful and ensure your confidence day in and day out. 

Does Using Virgin Human Hair Matter?

Using excellent, untreated virgin human hair as opposed to factory hair ensures longevity, shine and health. These virgin weft hair extensions are named so because they consist only of hair untreated by harmful chemicals. Whilst factory hair may look good for the first few washes because of their silicone treatment, after that they very quickly lose their lusciousness. LDL International’s virgin weft extensions are some of the best options you’ll find across Australia.

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