Caring for your blonde virgin hair extensions

Unleash the Radiance: Caring for Your Blonde Virgin Hair Extensions with LDL International

Blonde hair, don't care! Caring for your precious blonde virgin hair extensions is of utmost importance to maintain their moisture, strength, and radiant shine. At LDL International, we understand the significance of proper care to ensure the longevity and beauty of your real hair extensions, blonde and every other colour!

Using the right products specifically formulated for blonde hair is essential in protecting both your natural hair and your virgin hair extensions. Our natural, virgin blonde ponytails are meticulously created using hair that has never undergone chemical treatment. This means you can enjoy the unparalleled beauty of authentic, untreated hair.

When it comes to caring for your blonde hair extensions, the right products make all the difference. That's why we recommend the Blonde Pearl Illuminating Shampoo from Balmain Hair Couture—a product specially designed to enhance and maintain the vibrancy of blonde hair.

For those sunny summer days, indulge in the Limited Edition Luminous Blonde Summer Set. This exclusive collection is tailored to keep your cool blonde hair luminous during the summer season. The set includes the Illuminating Shampoo White Pearl, enriched with pure violet pigments to correct brassiness and brighten your hair without compromising its natural colour. The Sun Protection Spray shields your blonde strands from the harmful effects of sun, sea, and chlorine exposure, preventing colour fading and keratin damage. Simply apply the Sun Protection Spray before and during sun exposure for ultimate hair protection. Ensure even distribution of the product with the small-sized pocket comb.


To further maintain your blonde's pure radiance, the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask is ideal for neutralising brassy tones. This remarkable mask restores pure, radiant, and defined highlights, eliminates yellow tones from white hair and deeply nourishes your precious locks.


Ready to nourish your blonde tresses and unlock their full potential? Our team of specialist hair extensionists and colourists are here to assist you. Schedule a consultation today and discover the transformative power of LDL's caring approach to blonde virgin hair extensions.