Can you wear a headband with hair extensions?

Can you wear a headband with hair extensions?

Elevate Your Style: Wearing Headbands with LDL International's Virgin Hair Extensions

One common question we often receive is whether or not you can wear a headband with our luxurious virgin hair extensions. The answer is a resounding YES! It's all about placement and finding the perfect balance to enhance your look.

At LDL International, we are captivated by the Balmain Hair Couture Headband — a limited edition piece crafted with Napa Leather and adorned with 18k gold plating. This exquisite headband is a true collector's item, elevating any hairstyle to new heights.

Our founder, Dee, showcases how to wear the headband with confidence, combining it with our premium weft hair extensions. By placing the headband on an angle, she effortlessly incorporates it into her style, allowing it to sit gently on top of her weft hair extensions. This placement ensures seamless integration, creating a harmonious look that showcases both the headband and the hair extensions. Mastering how to wear hair extensions and accessories together can truly transform your style.

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Adele, in the accompanying image, flaunts her own stunning virgin hair, demonstrating that the headband can be worn in the same way with or without weft hair extensions, effortlessly enhancing any hairstyle. The versatility of our weft hair extensions allows for seamless integration with various hair accessories.

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At LDL International, we offer the best virgin hair extensions in Melbourne. Our meticulously crafted weft hair extensions are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, providing endless possibilities for incorporating accessories like headbands. Whether you wear our exquisite headband or explore other styles, our virgin hair extensions are versatile and adaptable, allowing you to experiment and create your desired look. Discover the transformative power of LDL's custom-made virgin hair extensions and master the art of how to wear hair extensions with confidence.

Explore our website to view the stunning headband and our collection of premium hair extensions, and unlock a world of possibilities for elevating your style.