An Update

An Update

Our beautiful LDL ladies! We thought we would not only email this to you, but also turn it into a blog to keep you updated. 

“No Pressure - No Diamonds!” - Thomas Carlyle

In this time, we have put together some great tips for you to keep your LDL International Hair Extensions in the best shape they can be in such uncertain times.

The best thing to do during this time is to wash your hair and let it dry naturally, and if you can’t, just dry it off gently with your hairdryer. Don’t pull it with a brush or use your tongs- avoid pulling where you can.

Every day you shed between 50 and 100 hairs. The fallen hair is falling, wrapping itself around your beads, and essentially locking them into place. 

One of our old staff members Zoe was in Europe for 5 months, and came back with her hair hanging - but still in! This is far from ideal and not what we want for any of our LDL ladies. Let’s pray for an earlier opening date, and rest assured the second we can get you in we will be calling you. 

Use good products in this time as well - keeping your own hair (as well as the extensions) healthy is always important. We have our new online shop with both the Balmain and Christophe Robin ranges - both ranges are stunning and we are so happy to recommend products for you. 

One great tip is to use Dry Shampoo (Balmain Dry Shampoo is LIFE!) and after you have washed and dried your hair, simply pick up a section of hair, and spray dry shampoo ABOVE the weft.

Keeping your hair clean is the best advice I can offer you through this time. 

Less is more - I would also recommend low and loose ponytails, and we have our gorgeous accessories available online.

Removing them yourself (or your husband, or your child LOL) has always been against our recommendation. Again, I understand this is not ideal - but the nightmares I have seen over the years are far worse than just keeping them in. And that’s the last thing I want for any of our ladies.

Again, Adele and I will be on the phones Tuesday and Wednesday to answer any questions you have, and to offer our support any way we can. 



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