3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom Hair Extensions

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom Hair Extensions

 If you’ve ever thought about buying hair extensions, you’ve probably done some research and found various different brands selling pre-made, packaged versions. Here at LDL, however, we do things a bit differently.

All our wefts are custom-designed and handmade to provide our clients with a product that suits their specific measurements and needs. While pre-made extensions are the right choice for some extension wearers, custom is the way to go for those who want a long-lasting, flawless look.

Here are 3 reasons why you might want to consider buying custom wefts…

They provide a more comfortable, natural fit

Custom extensions are made for you and you only. At LDL, we take various measurements to ensure your wefts perfectly fit your head once they are installed. Because everyone is different, this is a crucial step when it comes to providing not only a beautiful set of extensions, but a comfortable set, too.


Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for factory-made, pre-packaged extensions. Because these products have already been manufactured, there is very little that can be done to ensure that they fit your head perfectly. An ill-fitting weft can be visibly too big or too small on the head, making it obvious that you’re wearing extensions. So, if you’re looking for the best fitting and best-looking extensions possible, custom is the way to go.


They offer a more flawless look

When you choose custom made LDL wefts, you have the freedom to choose not only the length of the hair, but the style, too. This is important as you want your extensions to match the style of your natural locks as much as possible in order to create a natural result. To do this, our clients pick the hair they want made into extensions from hundreds of gorgeous, Virgin ponytails. Our collection of Virgin, Caucasian hair allows you to choose an option that matches the texture of your natural hair – whether it be straight, wavy or curly – as well as its colour. Finding the perfect hair for your needs, plus custom-designing wefts to your exact measurements, allows us to perfect the final look.

Factory made extensions, unfortunately, don’t allow this kind of attention to detail. More often than not, factory extensions are chemically treated to look a certain way. For example, curly factory hair has been permed, while straight hair has been chemically straightened. However, once you buy the product, all it takes is a few washes for its compromised state to come through. The result is damaged, dry hair that neither looks or feel the way natural, unprocessed hair feels. If you have wavy or curly hair in particular, this can be a problem as, once the chemicals wear off, you will eventually be left with hair that simply doesn’t match your natural locks. When you add this to the host of other problems that can come along with factory hair, choosing a genuinely Virgin, custom set of extensions is the best way to get your dream locks.


They are more likely to be a high-quality product

When you choose LDL’s custom extensions, you can see for yourself the quality and beauty of the product you’re buying. During your consultation, you can look at the hundreds of Virgin, Caucasian ponytails in our collection and choose which one you want for your wefts.


The hair we use to create our custom LDL extensions is of the highest quality and sourced exclusively from reputable salons. This means you can count on your hair to last years, rather than the months or even weeks you might get out of lower-quality locks. Our Virgin, Caucasian locks have never been chemically treated in any way, meaning they are completely healthy and beautiful. We also make sure that our hair is ethically sourced from reputable salons.

As we mentioned earlier, pre-made extensions are coated in chemicals such as silicon to make it look smooth, silky and beautiful. This compromises the quality of the hair and vastly reduces the length of time you’ll get to wear your extensions before having to replace them.


All in all, custom hair extensions offer a uniquely beautiful and longer-lasting option for women who want to wear extensions. Here at LDL, we take pride in the exceptional quality of our work so our clients can love their hair day in, day out.